The past few months writing on this blog has definitely changed how I view many social justice issues. It has made me grow as a thinker, a writer, and as an individual. I have learned as well as read a lot in which I owe to many of the writers that wrote about things that interested me enough to post about it on this blog.

This is not a goodbye but more of a see you later. I want to take a quick hiatus before writing any more posts about social justice. I want to give myself time and actually learn more about it and what I actually want to do with this.


Diverse TV Shows: Actor Idris Elba

Black Cool, Diversity in the Media, Social Justice

There is a huge absence of TV networks developing, producing, even acknowledging diversity in their networks. This is the final part of an ongoing series. You may read part 1, part 2, and part 3

For the final part of this research I would like to leave you with a powerful speech that actor Idris Elba made about diversity in TV. I’d rather not share my thoughts on the final part of this series because I want this video to speak for itself and be the conclusion and answer to why there’s a lack of diversity not only in Hollywood movies but also TV. I hope that my past posts have given you something to ask and think about.