A Day in the Life…

Social Justice

I actually want to share two articles that I feel fit perfectly with what my blog stands for, I found these articles at a site that I visit almost daily called New Pittsburgh Courier Online. These two articles are recent and show you an example of what Black people are currently going through in today’s society which is why I decided to title this post ‘A Day in the Life..’

 In Cincinnati, Charles Harrell, 29, was followed and arrested by a white male police officer for supposedly “jaywalking.” Harrell actually recorded the whole thing and told the officer that he was scared because he was following him. The video has gone viral and it has brought up more questions and concerns about Black people and people of color in general being stopped, harassed, and arrest by police officers.

Down in Greensboro, Georgia at Greene County High School,  a black student, Shaniaya Hunter, was called “the dumbest girl I have ever met” by her own male teacher after Shaniaya missed school for a couple days due to a health issue and asked the teacher for help to catch her up with schoolwork. Shaniaya was able to record this conversation on her iPad.

The reason why I felt the need of sharing these articles is to show how powerful the internet is. Both incidents were recorded and shared online. There are also common themes with both accidents. They both involve black people and white men. And on top of that these civilians are being arrested and verbally abused for what good reason? For being black? Is this okay? It’s clearly not but this isn’t the first time any issue like this has come up… but nothing is changing.

And this ladies and gents is a day in the life… What if this was you?


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